Who We Are


The Retail Energy Advancement League (REAL) is a national advocacy organization dedicated to the expansion and modernization of American retail energy markets. In many states, utility monopolies still control the electric market and customers can’t choose where they buy their electricity and gas.

States with restructured markets enable companies to compete with utilities and they create access for customers to choose from a variety of products available on the electric grid, such as 100% renewable energy, free home charging for electric vehicles, carbon offsets for gas products and fixed-rate products.

Outdated retail markets disempower consumers and limit market innovations and opportunities to support clean energy investments.

Our organization was founded by a coalition of companies that believe smart regulation and consumer protections are the foundation for a healthy market where states can capitalize on the innovations and customer demand driving our transition to a clean energy economy.

You can view our guiding principles here.

You can view the rights we commit to the consumer here.


Max Lifton

Communications Director, Retail Energy Advancement League

Andrea DeFelice

Director, Grassroots Advocacy, Retail Energy Advancement League

Sydney Manning

Communications & Research Associate, Retail Energy Advancement League


Jennifer Spinosi

Vice President
General Counsel and
Executive Vice President
Corporate Affairs,
CleanChoice Energy

John Holtz

Senior Director, Market Development & Regulatory Affairs,
NRG Energy

Joe Oliker

Associate General Counsel,
IGS Energy

Board Member Representatives

Michael Sullivan, Chairperson of the Board

President & CEO – Champion Energy (Calpine)

Scott A. Hudson, Vice Chairperson of the Board

President – Vistra Retail

Elizabeth Killinger

Executive Vice President – NRG Home

Tom Matzzie

Founder & CEO – CleanChoice Energy

Scott White

President & CEO – IGS

Glenn Wright

President & CEO, Shell New Energies, US, LLC

Michael Stein

CEO – Genie Retail Energy, Genie Energy

Dan Verbanac

Senior Vice President, Retail – Constellation