Summary of Resources – Complaint Reporting and Recordkeeping

Retail Markets Forum (virtual) August 10, 2023
Topic: Complaint Reporting and Recordkeeping

Stephanie Bolton – Director, Consumer Affairs Division, Maryland Public Service Commission
Chris Burch – Director, Customer Protection Division, Public Utility Commission of Texas

Referenced Resources:

Texas Public Utility Commission

Maryland Public Service Commission

Webinar Description: Complaint resolution is a key function of state commissions to ensure energy ratepayers and customers are protected and receive the service they deserve.

In this digital age, company or product reviews play a big role in purchasing decisions. This can present a challenge in the heavily regulated world of energy where docket proceedings and technical language don’t communicate well with Google Reviews or Yelp.

Some states are working toward increasing transparency in the outcomes of their customer complaint management process to ensure the public has access to information on the actions and dealings of utilities and suppliers in the retail energy market. This leads to more informed decision-making for customers and increased accountability for market participants. Hear from two state commissions on their current processes, challenges, lessons learned, and plans for the future.

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