Shell Energy Joins Retail Energy Advancement League

March 22, 2022

Shell Energy Joins Retail Energy Advancement League

Shell Energy North America (US) L.P. (“Shell Energy”) has joined the Retail Energy Advancement League (REAL), a national advocacy organization dedicated to the modernization of retail energy markets and consumer choice.

“Our members are motivated to invest in clean energy solutions and rapidly move America toward its sustainability goals; giving consumers control over their energy decisions is the right way to get there,” said Chris Ercoli, President and CEO, REAL. “We are thrilled Shell Energy is joining in our efforts to grow competitive retail markets and bring real electric choice to the consumer.”

The REAL Board of Directors, formed earlier this year, welcomed Glenn Wright, the current President & CEO Shell New Energies US, LLC, as its newest member.

With 30 years of experience in industrial and commodities markets, Wright brings experience managing large, complex, multi-faceted integrated businesses and structured transactions, including asset and business acquisitions. In his role, Wright has established and grown a consumer retail energy business to more than 400K+ customers in less than two years, and delivered an onshore, utility-scale, renewable generation portfolio strategy leading to restructured portfolio assets.

“Shell Energy is excited about the formation of REAL and believes the expansion and modernization of the American retail electric market is essential if we want to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s consumer,” said Wright.

In addition to Wright, REAL’s Board of Director’s also include Mauricio Gutierrez, President and CEO, NRG, Curt Morgan, CEO, Vistra, Tom Matzzie, President and CEO, CleanChoice Energy, Scott White, President and CEO, IGS Energy, and Jim Wood, President and CEO, Calpine Energy Solutions.

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