Retail Energy Industry Letter to Maryland Governor Wes Moore

March 5, 2024

Dear Governor Moore:

We are writing to express our deep concern with Senate Bill 1/House Bill 267. As currently drafted, and contrary to how it is being positioned, this bill is anti-consumer, anti-business, and anti-environment. If passed, it will drive business out of Maryland, drive up the cost of energy, and take choice away from Maryland consumers.

We urge you to prevent this legislation from becoming law. The legislation reflects a misapprehension of the energy industry, and well-established business practices of companies that have responsibly served Maryland consumers for many years. Above all it does not reflect your goals for Maryland. If you sign this bill, Fortune 500 companies, like NRG and Constellation, as well as many other reputable suppliers like the undersigned, will view the Maryland consumer market as essentially closed for business. Ironically, in an attempt to clean up the market, the legislation could simply leave it with only the worst actors.

This bill irreparably harms Maryland’s ability to meet legislatively mandated 2050 climate goals, and your agenda to attract more innovation and business investment to Maryland. It also sends a clear message to the almost 500,000 Maryland customers that currently shop that their preferences are irrelevant and that their energy supply service will be re-monopolized under orders from the state. They will know that their choices are of no consequence. What will Maryland choose for them next?

We are asking you to make an executive decision to move the energy market forward and not set it back 100 years. Encourage the Public Service Commission to ensure that Maryland consumers are protected and have the ability to choose the products and services that meet their own needs as was intended by the Electric Customer Choice and Competition Act of 1999.

We request an opportunity to meet with you and discuss our concerns and sincerely appreciate your efforts to keep Maryland open for business.


Larry Coben, CEO – NRG Energy

Michael Stein, CEO – Genie Energy

Dan Verbanac, SVP – Constellation

Scott White, President and CEO – IGS Energy

James Bridgeforth, President – American Power & Gas

Scott Hudson, President – Vistra

Michael Carter, CEO – Just Energy

Robert Palmese, President and CEO – Indra Energy

Tom Matzzie, Founder and CEO – CleanChoice Energy

Paul Keene, CEO – Tomorrow Energy

REAL Choice