Abby Foster Joins Retail Energy Advancement League As Vice President, Policy And Advocacy

May 31, 2022

Abby Foster Joins Retail Energy Advancement League As Vice President, Policy And Advocacy

Abby Foster has joined the Retail Energy Advancement League (REAL), a non-partisan retail energy organization, to help lead their efforts to open, maintain and optimize competitive retail energy markets.

Foster joins REAL from BRAVO Group, where as Senior Director she directed strategic communications and lobbying campaigns to effect change in public policy. She has spent the last 15 years building and engaging communities to advocate for issues that span political parties and industries with much of her career focused on energy and infrastructure.

Chris Ercoli, President, and CEO of REAL, knows adding Foster will have an immediate, positive impact to the REAL team. “Our entire goal as an organization is to move minds and markets toward consumer choice, and I cannot think of a person better qualified to do that than Abby Foster. She has an incredible track record organizing successful issue campaigns and she’s bringing that experience and enthusiasm to help REAL make an impact.”

Foster was also the President of the Pennsylvania Chemical Industry Council (PCIC). In her role, Foster worked with lawmakers and regulators to improve the business climate and allow companies to succeed. PCIC works to attract opportunities to grow the regional markets and associated supply chains.

“Competitive markets drive innovation, reduce costs and provide the customer with options. Increasingly, the public is demanding more sustainable practices across industries and restructured energy markets disrupt monopolies and enable the public to choose a clean energy supplier”, says Foster.

“As with any market, a balance must be struck to encourage participation and protect consumers. I look forward to working with policymakers and other stakeholders to ensure the right structures are in place to encourage a robust, competitive market that benefits the customer and environment as our electric grid evolves and we transition to cleaner sources of energy.”

REAL recently announced the formation of its national advocacy organization aimed at modernizing the retail energy markets. REAL is a coalition of companies that believe consumers deserve control over their energy decisions, including how to buy, produce and consume energy, energy services, usage data, and other energy insights.

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