As State Senate Seeks to Ban Consumer Choice in Electricity, Rep. Jeff Roy and House Leaders Are Standing Up for Consumer Savings from Retail ElectricityApril 26, 2024

As the Massachusetts Senate votes today to ban consumer choice in electricity, leaders in the Massachusetts House are instead standing up for residents who want to shop for a better deal on their electric bill. “It’s time to update the competitive retail supply law, but not to end it. My Committee, the Telecommunications, Utilities and […]

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Massachusetts Electric Consumers Criticize Bill that Would Shut Down State’s Retail Electric Market, Return State to Utility MonopolyApril 26, 2024

Thousands of retail electric customers want to continue shopping for savings or for value-added products like 100% clean energy. BOSTON – Massachusetts electric consumers today sharply criticized legislation, scheduled for a vote in the State Senate on Thursday, that would shut down the residential competitive retail electric market in the state, denying customers the ability […]

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Massachusetts Attorney General Publishes Report Demonstrating Retail Energy Supply Customers Saved $30 Million in 2023April 3, 2024

Despite their own data and firsthand accounts from thousands of retail energy customers, Attorney General continues to advocate to close the market BOSTON – The Massachusetts Attorney General released a report today demonstrating that Massachusetts customers enrolled with a retail energy supplier saved $30 million in 2023 compared to customers on utility service. Even greater […]

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