Customer Testimonials

“Low-income families need to have a choice on whom their energy providers should be. When you have a fixed income, you need stability and be able to predict your monthly bills. Without choice, energy customers will have constant fluctuation making bill planning and financial clarity extremely difficult.”

-Erin K

“I’ve used 100% clean energy for years, and, since it’s totally optional for customers, I don’t understand why you would shut off this important option to consumers. If there are issues with some energy providers being bad actors, it’s best to regulate or deal with them and not totally close down the options to choose clean energy.”

-James F.

“With such a wide range of kW charges, Massachusetts consumers should have a choice. People on fixed incomes and with low incomes need to be able to select their provider. In fact, I think the Commonwealth should make it easier to access rate information.”

-Linda W.

“I have used alternative electricity sources under this program for four years. Pricing and service have always been quite competitive. Why would the Legislature want to end such a successful program and return Massachusetts to the age of monopolistic energy supply?”

-David B.

“I want the choice to choose my electricity provider. I’m smart enough to figure out what’s a good deal and what isn’t, and I don’t feel that any legislature should interfere with my choice, even if it’s “for my own good.” I have been exercising this choice for years and I don’t think you could cook up a good reason to cause me to, inevitably, pay more.”

-Eric C.

“Having the ability to choose has let me keep my electric bills at home and work lower rather than being crushed during cold winter months.”

-Tim G.

“For those of us who are committed to buying 100% renewable energy, closing the electricity supplier market would be a HUGE step backwards for Massachusetts!”

-Daniel J.

“Price shopping is good to keep costs down! .13 kw versus .18 kw does add up!”

-Olivia M.

“By taking away our choice to choose electric companies, you remove the option to buy greener energy and less expensive energy.”

-Michele S.

“I already choose an energy provider that is not my local utility so that I can buy 100% renewable energy at a reasonable price. Please don’t limit this competition.”

-Adam M.

“Having a choice has allowed me to save money on my electric bill which is over $1000/ mo for 3.5 months during winter.”

-Elaine H.

“How is this anti-competitive practice considered progress? Energy choice allows me to ensure my energy use is generated in sustainable ways.”

-Aaron S.

“There are retail electric supplier offers which are more expensive than the default utility supply offer in this market but I would rather you make the information easily readable and comparable. It took me a lot of time to find a less expensive provider BUT we did and save significantly. Please keep the market open and give the consumer the way to fight unscrupulous suppliers. What is outrageous is delivery where it is impossible to fairly determine what I am paying and where I am being overcharged.”

-Michael K.